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How To Flirt With Men: Are You Aware Of The Secrets Of How To Flirt With Men?

Flirting Makes Love Exciting Whether You’re Married or Single

Almost every relationship between a man and a woman can be enhanced with some form of flirting. Flirting creates a spark between the couple and can only be done when you are relaxed and comfortable with the situation. The key to flirting is to keep it light, casual and playful. It inadvertently says “I find you attractive. I notice that you are a man, and I am a woman!”. By studying flirting, you’ll be different from most women around. You will create an enhanced awareness in these abilities to enhance a man’s attention to you and will allow you to focus on becoming a more attractive woman. Flirting will also create a lifelong memory in a man’s mind and will uncover his sense of fun. Certain ways of flirting can have a hypnotic effect on a man and maybe even get a sense of his deepest psychological needs.

Before you start flirting, just make sure you know why you are flirting. Because there are different ways of flirting that can be used for different outcomes. We know that a lot of flirting goes on in bars and clubs, and we also know the main result of that. So make sure you know if you just want a one-night-stand or if you are after a long term relationship. If you are after a long term relationship then there are more conservative places to meet men for that, and the FLIRTING shouldn’t be so forward. Flirting isn’t just all smiles and giggling…

What is Flirting?
Words of Flirting

Definition of Flirting which has been taken from Wikipedia:

“Flirting is a form of human interaction between two people, expressing a sexual and/or romantic interest. It can consist of conversation, body language, or brief physical contact. It may be one-sided or reciprocated”.

Make sure that you never take flirting so seriously. For example, saying that something is like something when its not, or making a joke with someone. But there are varying degrees of how you can do it.

Max O’Rell describes flirting as “attention without intention”. Helen Rowland says “Flirting is the gentle art of making a man feel pleased with himself”. So don’t take flirting so seriously, just have fun with it.

Flirting shouldn’t be thought of as for getting sexual results only. Flirting should create a relaxed and playful atmosphere. So learn to have fun with it and enhance some sexual/romantic tension.

Once you are in a relationship, it’s even more important to continue the flirting, as this is what keeps it exciting. This is what will help you stay together longer, as we don’t realize how much men really do enjoy flirting.

How You Look & Move can be Perceived by Men as Flirting
What message are you sending to men in everyday life?

This can be naturally expressed through our posture, walk, movement, facial expressions, clothes, hair and makeup.

Just by observing people we can assume their mood, self-confidence, ‘social class’, level of affluence, education, love life, attitude toward sex, marital status, and whether they are a parent or not. This means that through observation of someone, it can determine what feeling we can create about them.

Men have been known to prefer a woman that takes pride in her appearance. This doesn’t mean a supermodel, but someone who is easy to look at. This woman can create a confidence and softness about her, which is a pleasure to look at. This means that you should desire to be a ‘cultivated beauty’. This term is defined as showing how much you care about yourself and those who have to look at you.

So let’s start with the most important factor of your overall presentation, and that is your posture. This has many hidden meanings, as it doesn’t matter what you look like, because if your posture isn’t good, then you appear weak and insecure. Do you think it would it be possible to have some idea about someone’s mood or level of success by their posture? Just think about that?

How is your posture and do you think it will determine how others will treat you at any moment?

Your posture will allow you to appear confident, which is what men tend to have a predominantly heightened response to.

The next important aspect is your walk. This has been known to create a hypnotic effect on a man and also can express how you are feeling. Start by observing how other women walk and move. Then you should be able to notice which women seem to get more male attention and then you can ask yourself “How does that walk grab attention?” Here’s something else to think about: Would walking like a model get male attention?

Our overall appearance and grooming can determine how attractive you appear to the opposite sex. They don’t want perfection though, just make sure you are accentuating certain features that can help draw the male’s attention to you. These particular features are your eyes and lips. Don’t take this the wrong way though and start piling on the makeup in those areas. But learn to know what colors suit you best to define those certain areas. Now if you’re wearing natural matching clothing, always try and add an accessory that has a spark of color, even if this means nail polish or lipstick.

How To Flirt With Men
More on Secret Body Language Flirting

When learning how to flirt with men you need to make it look natural and relaxed. If you’re nervous and shy it’s not really going to work. The only way to overcome any nervousness or shyness is to practice. But when you practice, you don’t need to think about the outcome at all, just remember that you are practicing and having fun while you do it. So if you think you look like an idiot, just laugh at yourself.

It can all start from the moment we make eye contact with that other person. If you’re not having a conversation with that man , then make sure you only do small glances, as it needs to be done in a playful way. Or you might get him thinking you just want to have sex with him if you are staring him down.

Gently playing with your hair is one of the ways women can have a hypnotic effect on a man. But make sure you don’t over do it, and that it looks natural. A woman’s smile and lips, has been voted as one of the major parts of a woman that a man finds irresistibleso we should accentuate that in many ways. The picture above shows a women gently playing with a pen in her mouth. That way, she is drawing more attention to her mouth which can be a seductive way of flirting with men.

You also need to make sure that your lips look soft, supple, and moist at all times. So make sure you take good care of your lips. This is as simple as using balm during the day, or a little Vaseline to give them a slight shine can do the trick.

How To Flirt With Men
Women’s Hidden Secrets…

A subtle sexy way to get a man’s attention is to very slowly cross your legs. When you get his attention, try and look out for a smile from him. That will be your signal that he is happy to flirt too. Now if he doesn’t respond, or responds in a negative way, make sure you are absolutely fine with it, or even better, laugh or smile to yourself. At least it will let you know that he is either taken or not interested.

How To Flirt With Men
How To Know If He Is Happy To Respond…

Leaning in close is another form of flirting.

It is easy to do this because you can use many excuses to lean in close to him, even if it’s only for a brief moment. One excuse may be that he has said something and you could pretend you didn’t quite hear what he said, so you lean in close and ask him to repeat it and stay close until you have heard it again. However, make sure you watch his facial expressions, because he will have an uncomfortable look on his face if he isn’t happy with the situation.

Another reason to lean in close may be to tell him something in a whisper, like it is a secret. Make sure whatever you tell him is a bit of a secret, but try to do it without criticizing anyone. Most men don’t like gossip and may even find it a turn off. So maybe you could even tell him something secret about yourself or something funny that you did that day.

Most men love humor, and love it when a woman smiles and laughs. So when you are flirting, try and tell some funny stories about yourself. Don’t over do it though by trying too hard as you could end up being the only one laughing.

How To Flirt With Men Involving Touching

An example is enjoying a drink during a conversation, and leaning in to touch a guy on the arm while smiling. This is an obvious flirt that we should all be aware of. It is very effective to touch him and a great excuse is normally when he has said something funny and the woman uses the opportunity to get a touch in. If he moves back, you’ll know he’s not comfortable with you being that close.

Just remember whatever happens, make sure you are having fun, smiling and enjoying yourself.

How To Flirt With Men Using A Pose

Try posing by slightly tilting your head and giving a sideways glance.

A similar pose to that is the glance over the shoulder look. This happens when you pass each other in the street and when you look over your shoulder, you notice he has done the same. If you saw each other for the first time and he noticed you looking back also, that will make him feel special.

Posing while learning How to Flirt with Men…

Try a pose that looks natural and open for interacting with a man and to start a conversation. Never hold or cross your arms over your body at any time if you are trying to attract a man.

We should all know about the folded arms pose as being the body language for “go away!”. It’s a restrictive pose that blocks people from getting close to you in any way.

What to do with your arms and hands?

Well, if you insist on putting them in your pockets if you have any, then just put them slightly in, not all the way. Having your hands on your hips can normally be described as being an authoritative pose. But with this picture, she only has one, while slightly tilting her head and smiling, which tends to show that she can be great fun to be with.

More On How To Flirt With Men
Including your expression, what to wear, how you smell…

Another significant feature that men will observe while flirting is your facial expression. People generally look at the expression on your face before they instigate a conversation. So make sure it’s always soft and relaxed and you will appear very approachable. Smiling and laughing a lot plays a major part, as it can also tell someone that you are a fun person and a joy to be around.

What you wear is another essential attribute for the messages that you send men. If something is old and shabby looking, then it’s best to get rid of it. Try and wear more feminine clothes like skirts and dresses and they DON’T have to be short at all. Men prefer vibrant colours, but if your favorites are dark colors, then just try and add an accessory that has some colour.

Even taking care of your feet can bring about a sexy feeling for you, especially if you have polished toenails. Just having a bright nail polish on your toenails can be that added extra colour.

Thick, heavy shoes can have an off-putting affect for men as slender lines on shoes are more appealing. You want your shoes to make you look younger, not older and they don’t have to be high heels either. If you’re hurting, it makes it harder to look attractive, so make sure they’re comfortable.

Manicures and pedicures can do wonders for your self image. Just having your toenails painted like I mentioned before can create a sexy image where you will feel great in nearly anything you wear.

Finally, try and stick to a daily beauty regime as this will show how much you respect yourself and translate into higher self-esteem.

You can even create you own appealing signature scent. This can be created from the mixture of natural body oils, soaps and cosmetics we use. Perfumes have been highly exposed by magazines and commercials, but don’t have to be for everyone. You can try some scents on in a store to try and find the right perfume for your body and one that you like. Ask for opinions on these scents as well from a current partner, friends or family and you’ll know when you find the right one, as people will comment positively on it.

To sum up all topics discussed that increase chances of flirting effectively, it’s still important to remember that your personal confidence far outweighs your overall appearance. So you can start working on that first.

Flirting is what a man needs from a woman more than anything else, and a lot of women don’t know that. Men love flirting, it makes them feel alive. So learn to become a Master Flirt and your man will love it! login
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