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Flirt Techniques

Natural Flirting

A Flirt is a great way to brighten up a cloudy day. You should not be ashamed to flirt, millions of people do it every day. A flirt is just like a dance with some stranger and you will find out if you have the right rythmn.

There are just a few things you should consider, a lot of men don’t know how to flirt properly and a lot of women are approached so often that they build up walls that you can’t tear down within a minute.

Just keep in mind that flirting is all about enjoying yourself and having fun!

What a man shouldn’t do when he is flirting….

There are so many things a man can do to ruin a casual flirt that could be something unique and fun… These are the biggest NoNo’s you should avoid at any cost… work on your technique and leave the caveman at home.

* Talk about the ex, and how the woman reminds him of her, right after he introduced himself.

* Grab some body part that is not the hand within the first minutes.

* Not respecting the comfort zone

* Trying to make a woman frown instead of trying to make her smile.

* Not having any sense of humor.

* Taking himself to serious and lacking the ability to take a pun.

* Frowning when approaching, it can be done in a funny way, but usually a nice smile is the way to break the ice

* Tell her his life story

* Turn a first interaction into a job interrogation login
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