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Body Language Signs of Attraction

Body language is SO revealing. It unmasks what people are really thinking and feeling about a situation.

It can reveal if they are uncomfortable with you. Interested in what you are saying to them. If they are attracted to you and feel happy with you..

It is a complex silent communication, that we all use whether realising it or not. I find it to be one of the most interesting things in the world, reading body language. Really understanding body language signs of attraction does wonders to anyone’s life.

Our body language signs of attraction are extremely powerful and can be so much more than words.

Professionals have come to the conclusion that around 80% of all communication comes from body language.

It is used everywhere we go, in all that we do, at all times of day…

Signals and Meanings
To Body Language Signs of Attraction…

This may seem daunting to you but believe it or not, no matter how many movements we make, you can still know what others are thinking from reading simple movements they make.

Body language signs of attraction can be read in the eyes, mouth, head, hands, arms, legs, feet and surrounding area.

It can be expressed in facial movements, eye movements, our positions, touching and breathing.

From understanding the meanings of different signals you can come to conclusions on how the person is, how they act, how they really think, if they are active, slow, patient, inpatient, happy, relaxed etc.

Then, visa-versa, if you would like to promote your inner qualities through body language, you can do so. By learning body language signs of attraction.

So How do I know Their…
Body Language Signs of Attraction

Body language can be used to your advantage. Whether wanting to improve selling skills, management, wealth, sex appeal, parenting or relationships, knowing the vital signs can help you progress in an enormous way.

It will let you approach each situation accordingly to how each person is feeling.

So, for example, how do I know if the person is interested in what I am talking about?
It firstly depends on if they are male or female. Women generally use more signals than men.

To read their body language signs of attraction you watch out for signals in their distance from you. The closer someone is to you, if they touch you, it would say that they are attracted to you. If they engage in eye contact, do not look away very often, with dilated pupils it may also mean they are attracted to you. Other signals to look out for are open arms and feet facing towards you. Head tilting with a smiley face can mean the person is comfortable and enjoying listening to you.

Use these skills everytime
To read body language signs of attraction

You can use your knowledge on body language to your benefit.
For example, If you want to negotiate a deal with somebody, knowing the underlying messages will give you a guaranteed formula for success. You will know if they are reliable or not. If they are attracted to what your opinion is. Also you will know when the optimum moment for agreeing is, making sure you don’t miss the best opportunity offered. Leaving both of you happy with the decisions.

The most talked about Handshake

When meeting new people for the first time, you want to give them a good impression.
This maybe for a job interview, a blind date, meeting old family friends. The first impression is always wanted to be a good one.

A crucial moment to the first impression is the handshake. You do not want to leave them with a swore hand from crunching it hard, or even leave them wanting to wash their hands because it felt as if they was shaking a dead fish…
A secure handshake would include, stepping towards the person, making eye contact but not staring, a straight slightly downward facing hand gesture, 3-5 relatively firm shakes and taking a small step back from them.
This would show you are confident, calm and ready to hear more about them.

This first moment is important, however if you feel the handshake didn’t go very well, no need to panic. Learning the correct body language can help to change their opinion of you. login
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