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Texting Tips For Men – Flirting and Wordplay

Text messaging is totally godsend. With this new innovation, you can definitely communicate with the women you’ve been eying for the longest time in just a press of a button. There’s no pressure, no demands and is the most accessible way to flirt nowadays. Having the gadget and your girl’s number are not enough. To guide you through it like a breeze, here are some texting tips for men that have guaranteed to make your girl hooked on you for good.

* Do not text all the time. It would make you appear like a stalker. Instead, send her short, funny and straight to the point messages with a hint of flirtation on it. Girls may like a lot of attention but ogling them is a whole new different story. Make it brief, witty, straight and playful. This will definitely catch her interest.

* No grammatical errors please. Having perfect grammar may sound a little tight but it can also show that you’re smart. Smart guys are a turn-on for most girls. Let it show through your text messages. It will reflect that you are one intelligent dude.

* Simplicity is beauty. Do not narrate your entire schedule to your text mate during an exchange. This will make you seem overtly eager and might turn them off. Answer each question as it comes, ask your own questions and have fun.

* Take it easy. If she suddenly stops replying, do not bombard her with more text messages. Keep your cool. She might just be busy. You both have a world aside from texting so do not overreact and barrage her with questions or demand an explanation why she’s not returning your texts. Two to three consecutive messages are enough. If she doesn’t reply, leave it be.

* Have fun. Flirting through texting is fun and less stressful. You don’t need to dress-up or make eye contact and you can choose your words more and practice them before blurting it out and make you look stupid. Let the words flow. Engage in an animated conversation. It’s supposed to be natural and enjoyable.

Flirty Text Messages
Have fun and flirt!!!

Text Message: ‘How to impress woman: kiss her, hug her, compliment her, love her, tease her, protect her, listen to her, support her
How to impress a man: Show up naked with beer.’

Text Message: ‘I think I should tell you what people are saying behind your back… Nice Ass!!!!!!’

Text Message: ‘I like your style … I like your class … but most of all I like your ass!’

Learn How to Flirt and Be a Babe Magnet

It takes time to master the art of flirting and once you do, you will absolutely be breezing through clubs and bars attracting hot chicks and sexy babes as easy as breathing. It doesn’t matter if you think you never flirted with anyone before or think that you could never be one great flirt — below are some tips on how to flirt anyway, that’ll change your mind and make you try flirting just for the hell of it. Who knows you might get lucky tonight.

– Be confident. The number rule to always remember is to be confident and everything you do. Nobody wants to be the that dude sitting all alone in one corner, sulking big time and probably trying to figure out why he’s such a loser. People want to be somebody who exudes a positive aura about themselves.

– Make eye contact. Being brave enough to try this is the product of confidence, so go ahead and let that girl know you’re checking her out. Of course, try not to come in too strong or she’ll think you’re a potential stalker. Be aggressive without making the girls feel awkward. Appearing too eager will destroy yout entire chance to get lucky with a girl An eye contact followed by a subtle grin is enough.

– Have fun. Showing that you’re happy, relaxed and comfortable is a total mesmerizing trait. When you are, people want to be around you. Being happy is contagious, and the girls like guys who are cool and can take control of any situation. login
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