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Easy Pick-up lines

Pick-up Lines to Open Conversations

Easy Pick-up Lines are Fun to use and as the word easy implicates, simple to learn and use. The whole point of mastering Pick-up Lines is that they can bring a smile into your everyday activities.

Don’t think of a Pick-up Line as something some old and creepy guy uses on a young lady, it’s so much more than that. Pick-up Lines should entertain and make it easier to approach people you are interested in. The important part is that you don’t want to harass people, you just want to have a good time and get to know someone that’s interesting to you. A Pick-up Line is a great thing to have an initial laugh and break the ice.

Always remember, it’s no illegal to enjoy life and you should take time to laugh & smile every day.

Share your easiest lines
Pick-up Lines are … Easy!
Learn, apply, have fun
Pick-up Lines are a fun way to enter a conversation. It does not matter if they are good or bad, unless they are not nasty or insulting, or just plain retarded.

There are a few steps to master Pick-up Lines and make them easy to use.

The first one is you have to learn how to live an interesting and fun life, a no brainer eh? 😉
There is nothing that will pull you down more than a boring and unfulfilled life. Find some interesting hobbies and stuff to talk about.

The next things, which usually comes hand in hand with improving your life besides flirting, dating and pickup lines is to lose your scare and anxiety. It doesn’t matter if you approach someone, either they enjoy it and are after a good time as well, and if it is just chatting in that elevator for nothing, or they have a bad day or are no fun to be around and push you away. You should learn to appreciate both sides.

Once you learn that it does not matter if you approach someone, and it can just be a great time to chat with someone you don’t know and enjoy a few minutes of free fun.

Life is hard enough, don’t make it harder. The best way is to enjoy it is to have a great time, show some humor, some people don’t have a lot fun or understand some jokes, don’t be angry at them! It’s their loss when they want to live in a gray world.

Pickup Lines and Flirting

When is the right time to approach someone? When is the right time to use one of those easy Pickup Lines? Some signs that can signal you the other one is flirting.

Eye Contact – Eye contact is one of the sign that are pretty obvious, there is a certain amount of time that eye contact is normal, and after that there is some more tension. When you feel that both of you seem to be interested and look at each other far too often, it’s about the right time to just get to know each others, just don’t wait too long and start staring like someone starving.

Playing with accessories – Can be a signal for flirting. It’s those random movements that can show a lot of signals, but yes it can be used for flirting as well. Some people do it when they are bored or stressed as well.

Open Body Language – Whenever the body language tends to be opened up, people are usually comfortable around you and show you some interest through this.

Playing with the hair – Just as the playing with accessories this can have several reasons, but one of them might be flirting.

Throwing back her hair – This move is about showing some highly erotic zones and is mostly done when there is some interest in the other person.

The Easiest Pick-up Lines
Sometimes it’s the easy lines that work

A collection of easy to use Pickup lines. You don’t have to do something fancy or complicated. The easy things are the things that will happen naturally

* Hi I am (insert your name here). Nice to meet you. Let’s have a vacation on Maui or the South of France!

* You are asked: “What time is it?” – “It’s time to get funky!” And you make some Saturday Night moves 😉

* In the Supermarket: “We have this party and need a snack for men/women, any recommendations?”

* “I need a female/male opinion on (whatever you want), we discussed that over there, come over and help us out.”

* “Hi, you look like a fun time, what’s your email so we can arrange a get together for later.”

* “Do you come here often? Damn did I really say this? Next I could ask you if you have fire, just to know if I have to run in case you are a smoker.”

* “Hey, I need your help, I have this task for my art class where we have to sketch people, won’t last longer than 5 minutes.”

* Hi, I neither buy drinks nor believe in pickup lines, let’s go dancing instead. login
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